Saturday, 2 February 2008


Hopefully if you're reading this it means that we've met and you like my idea?

The Idea -

Last year summer 2007 I met and played a game of cricket with a bunch of blokes over at Gloucester Park in Basildon. They were playing on the field behind the swimming pool next to the skate park. The field is rough and lumpy with 3 trees inside what would be the "Infield". While I was there in just one game two of the blokes and myself were hit in the face by the ball after bouncing off of rough and uneven ground. Fortunately these blokes were using "Cricket Tennis Balls".

It seems over the summer as many as 20-24 blokes get over there in the evenings and use a set of undersized stumps and a bat and play what is potentially fairly good cricket.

My idea is - the remainder of my own team (Including me) get together with these blokes and we organise a few matches through the summer? I've got loads of equipment and I don't mind lending it to anyone just as long as I get to play a few games. If it gets broke it doesn't matter, it's all been bought cheaply off of ebay and was bought to kit out our team and any opposition if they needed bats and equipment.

Furthermore because of my committment to cricket I had loads of support from the council and their employees as they are interested in their facilities being used to promote and support cricket especially at ground roots level.

So if you're one of the blokes who plays and you want to get involved get in touch. Email me at -

This is the gear that's available for use -
Cheers - Dave Thompson

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